Edson Rosas is a queer Mexican-American artist, based in Minneapolis, that recently graduated from Pacific Northwest College of Art with his MFA in Print Media.
His main focus within printmaking is screen print but occasionally will make a relief print, if he's feeling like getting that crayon texture with the added benefits of an arm workout he'll do some stone lithography, and when he's really feeling down in the dumps a copper etching.
Outside of printmaking, Edson also works with soft sculpture, textiles, installation, haiku, and occasionally performance art.
Edson's current art practice is very autobiographical. The pieces are often honest and open, making the personal become universal. The work is there to encapsulate you in physical and emotional hug, it's there to help you let out that "ugly cry" in order to feel better, it's there to make you feel welcomed, and most importantly, it's there for you to nap on.

Updated September 2021
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